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Belforte (english)

The woeful litany of a slow yet constant depopulation repeats itself in Belforte. This years' survey reveals 17 all year residents when in 1976 the number was of 305. Like a look-out post perched high on its' peak, Belforte dominates the Taro Valley at an altitude of 725 meters above sea level. What a fascinating church San Michele Arcangelo is, the actual building dating back to the year 1680. Dall'Olio describes some of its unique internal features: "....inside it retains a beautiful copper-foiled cross, at the center of which is engraved an image of Christ, whilst at the end of each arm it bears a Gospel themed symbol, an artwork of the XVII century clearly."Belforte, like a treasure-trove , encloses the most precious features : portals from the XVI century and gravestones that  date back to year 1770 M:M : wooden door and window frames from 1400 ; a massive stone archway, by the church engraved with  the inscription D.O.M. 1760 GM.R.B. and a sandstone sundial…